Keeping the princely refinement of the past, the Bran Castle Tea House, a very stylish building, invites its guests to enjoy an amazing new culinary experience.
Whether dining inside on the main floor or outside on the terrace, the new space has been designed to please all of your senses and the view is simply breathtaking!

Bran Castle, a faithful defender of Romanian traditions and customs, proposes to its visitors a trip to the past with the intention of creating a new tradition for the future. From November 29th until December 2nd, 2018, the "All Undead Party" will be held at the Bran Castle. We will say goodbye to all the evils and all the worries of the year and we will prepare for the winter holidays.

In those days, the ”Casa de ceai” Restaurant will prepare a special menu where the star ingredient is garlic. Garlic will be found in the cup of tea, or in the traditional “coliva “ . Served with curry pumpkin cream, a bit spicy, with autumn fruit pie and aniseed flavour while the ripe garlic clove will carefully guard the leg of duck on a bed of black lentils and beetroot puree spiced with horseradish! For courage, the Chateau Bran wines and the brandies of Bran will be displayed prominently.

Visitors to Bran Castle bearing St. Andrew's name will not need an access ticket on November 30, 2018, just an identity document.

The old Romanian beliefs say that the Romanians celebrate St. Andrew’s Day on November 30th, when autumn and winter meet, and when, according to popular belief, the Strigoi, troubled spirits of the dead, are trying to take possession of human souls and the Moroi leave the grave to draw energy from the living. This is the night when the heavens open, wolves howl, protection rituals are performed, and young women dream of their soulmate.

St. Andrew's Night or Strigoi's Night is a fearful night, as it is believed that the spirits of the dead come out of the graves and along with the Strigoi, are fighting at the mythical borders, crossroads and other unclean places. There are bloody duels with stolen seals from people's homes; the battles last until the cockerel crows, heralding the dawn. At dawn the earth feels purified, the spirits of the dead are returned to their graves and the spirits of the Strigoi go back to their abandoned bodies. People use garlic in order to protect themselves against the attack of the Strigoi, and Moroi that are trying to steal their souls.

At night, the ritual "guarding of the garlic" takes place, that is, people are watching between garlic braids, a plant that is believed to be able to banish the undead, the evil influences and the bad luck. Crosses at the windows are made of garlic ,the horns of the cattle are anointed with garlic oil and the food is abundantly flavoured with garlic . In the popular belief, it is believed that garlic is a man: he has a head, is wearing clothes, and the garlic threads are called cloves. The power to defend and expel evil comes from bearing the sign of the cross.

Also on the night of St. Andrew, the Romanians germinate wheat to find out if they will have a prosperous year, good luck and health or a year marked by difficulties. In the New Year they check whether the wheat grains are tall, straight, strong and dense . In this case, there will be a prosperous year with good harvests. The Romanians also believe that St. Andrew is the patron of the wolves, as an avatar of a pagan goddess who died and was symbolically reborn in the Night of the Strigoi. According to the great philosopher Mircea Eliade, the birth of the Romanian people was under the sign of the merger of two peoples who were drawing their origins from the mythical wolf: the Dacians and the Romans. In fact, the Dacian New Year began in this night, with the mythical wolf symbol.

Christianity placed the wolves under the control of the two brothers, Peter and Andrew, believing that they "have the power to bind the mouth of the wolves," to suppress the temptations of Paganism. In the context of the Christian faith, the wolf changes its positive meaning, a totem favourable to the pagan population, becoming a werewolf, bent on revenge. That is why St. Andrew's Day is also called the Wolves Day, and it is believed that only on this day of the year the wolf can turn his head.


The party of all the Strigoi


Blood sausage with Roquefort cheese sauce, garlic puree and toasted farmhouse bread


Garlic cream soup with bacon powder
Pumpkin cream with curry, lightly spiced
*Soups come with flavored croutons

Duck leg confit with black lentils, beetroot puree, horseradish and baked garlic cove


Tea with garlic flavour
Coliva - ritual dessert - with honey and garlic infusion
Autumn pie with quince, apple, pear and anise flavour.

Bran Castle will celebrate Halloween
on Saturday, October 27th 2018, starting at 19:00.

Options of entertainment available this year:

> The Night Tour ticket (70 lei for adults, 35 lei for children)
Besides the Halloween decorations, this year's event will offer a unique sensory experience for our visitors: spooky music and sounds, Count Dracula and his friends - the creatures of the night; and of course, candy for the children. The low level lighting, squeaking floorboards and red wine will add the finishing touch to the atmosphere.

> The Combo ticket (180 lei), includes the night tour followed by the Halloween Party (only for people over 18 years old).
You may purchase these tickets online:, or at the Bran Castle Ticket Office (opens at 19.00). You will receive an access wristband, valid both for the Halloween Party and the Night Tour.

For the first time in the history of the Halloween nights, if the guests of the Castle are brave enough, the Time Tunnel is hosting a special show. Only 80 tickets per hour are available!!! The ticket costs 45 lei, and can be only purchased in the Castle inner courtyard. For a quick recovery from such a scare, a black vodka will be served at the end of the journey helping your transition into the afterlife.

> Starting at 20:00, the creatures of the night are invited to dinner. "Casa de ceai" Restaurant is making reservations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the price is 320 lei per person. There is very limited seating, so don’t delay booking. You will receive an access wristband to move freely on the site the entire evening.

> The Combo ticket along with a reservation at ”Casa de ceai” Restaurant includes the unique Halloween Time Tunnel experience. You will receive an access wristband to be shown at the Time Tunnel’s entrance in order to benefit the experience.
Around 21:00, we will start the Halloween Party, in a tent located in the Royal Park, continuing until 04:00 in the morning (music by DJ CS84).

Warning: Please be cautious if you suffer from claustrophobia, are sensitive to intermittent lights and loud noises or carrying children in arms! Also, please consider the low temperatures and the the fact that the stairs and alleyways can be slippery. For your safety, please listen to the instructions of the Castle’s personnel.



- Noble cheese in black sesame crust
- Blood sausage with garlic in redcurrant sauce, aromatic herbs and bitter salad mix


Duck breast, bean puree and beetroot with horseradish & spicy berry chutney


- Beef tenderloin with sepia pasta and demi-glace


- Funeral dessert - hulled wheat with walnuts, rum and sour cherry sauce


Welcome - Prosecco cocktail
Aperitif - a glass of white wine - Chardonnay White Spell - Aurelia Visinescu
Intermediate - a glass of rose wine - Karakter - Aurelia Visinescu
Main course - a glass of red wine - Everlasting - Aurelia Visinescu
Dessert - sour cherry brandy

Rate - 320 lei / pax


With apples, with cheese (sweet and salted), with meat, mushrooms, pumpkin and much love from our highly qualified chefs of the restaurant ,,Casa de ceai”, in the Royal Park of Bran Castle. A good opportunity to taste the delights of Mrs. Autumn, who has been hovering about for some time and flying the leaves of the trees. On Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, the Codlea Municipality Band will also host a musical program on the great lake island of the Royal Park.

We are waiting for you to indulge with traditional pastry at Bran Castle!

In August, Bran Castle offers two exceptional concerts to the music lovers, on the island of the Great Lake in the Royal Park. The first one, under Cristian Orosanu’s direction, brings Kamerata Kronstadt, pianist Mariano Castro and beloved Analia Selis, who will lead the audience to a magical world, converted by music notes, under the title: "Symphonic Tango". The concert begins at 20:00, on the evening of August 4th 2018.

The artists have a new approach of classical music combined with Latin beats. This genre lovers will attend a tango concert, waltzes and Argentinian milongas, rounded by a special moment of famous Romanian tangos. 

The wine and the cheese tasting will be part of the event, and those who want to spend a proper evening at Bran Castle may watch the concerts from “Casa de ceai” Restaurant's terrace, where they may enjoy fine drinks and food. Details and reservations at +4 0749 121 120.

The ticket price is 80 lei. More details at +40268 237 700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Analia Selis was born in Tucuman, Argentina. She began singing early in her life and in 2002 she received the "Vocal Performance Diploma" at Longy School of Music (Boston, USA). Analia Selis represented Argentina at the Golden Stag Festival in 2004 and managed to rank third. In 2009, Analia was invited for the second time to George Enescu Festival Square, together with guitarist Julio Santillan (Argentina), cellist Razvan Suma (Romania) and actress Mihaela Teleoaca (Romania). In 2014, Analia debuted in the art of tango on "Do you like tango?" national tour, together with cellist Razvan Suma and Argentine guitarist Julio Santillan. In 2015, she launched the "Tango Symphonic" project, arranged for chamber orchestras, piano and voice and since then, she was traveling throughout the country, in partnership with the most important Romanian philharmonics.

A complex musician, pianist, guitarist, composer, orchestrator, soloist and member of various bands, Mariano Castro, an Argentinian from Buenos Aires, has settled in Romania in 2013. He brought his broad music culture, a world-recognized status and a great joy to sing. Mariano Castro, honorary citizen of “Good Winds” Buenos Aires, is a member of the famous neo-tango Narcotango band, a double nominee for the Latin Grammy Awards (2009 and 2010) and grandson of a pianist who worked with the legendary tango composer Julio De Caro. He is known in Romania as a tango concert partner of another Argentinian musician, Analia Selis.

Conductor Cristian Oroşanu debuted with famous ensembles, leading the Orchestre de Paris, the Orchestre National de Bordeaux and the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich. In the past few years, he had the opportunity to work as assistant conductor with Yutaka Sado, Mstislav Rostropovich and Ingo Metzmacher. He also performed as assistant conductor with the Deutscher Symphonie Orchester in Berlin, he partnered with the BBC Scottish Orchestra, the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, the Lamoureux Orchestra, the Porto Orchestra, the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestras in Strasbourg and Brussels and Israel Kibbutz Orchestra. Cristian Orosanu is frequently collaborating with the National Radio Orchestra, but also with the Romanian Opera in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, where he conducted over 30 works of the genre. He is currently the conductor of Brasov Philharmonic.

Kamerata Kronstadt is a new young and dynamic chamber orchestra that originated from love and dedication to music, thus developing an ambitious cultural project, full of energy and love for the audience. The members of the orchestra were chosen considering their interest in chamber music, as they are also performers in various Brasov orchestras. Under Cristian Orosanu’s guidance, Kamerata Kronstadt invited the audience in Brasov to a series of concerts during its first three seasons - an event where special soloists also attended, including violinists Alexandru Tomescu, Razvan Stoica, Gabriel Croitoru, Stefan Tarara or Rebekka Hartmann, pianist Horia Mihail, cellist Razvan Suma, lyrical artists Leontina Vaduva and Robert Nagy, but also the less classic musicians Alexandra Fits and Analia Selis. Kamerata Kronstadt supports both social and educational projects in Brasov, by performing charity or exclusively dedicated to children concerts, in order to bring the young audience in Brasov closer to the music.

Let’s get out in the snow! We celebrate the winter, dear friends, and we want to enjoy the beauty of this season, dedicating it for a whole day with beautiful activities, music, dancing, fun and special dishes!

Restaurant Casa de ceai invites you on Saturday, February 3, starting with 12:30 at the Snow Feast! How do we spend it? In our style! :) Together with us will be also the dancers from Zestrea Branului ensemble, DJ Sergiu and our culinary professionals, because we will treat you with traditional Romanian delicacies, with a rich and varied buffet at Restaurant Casa de ceai!
Traditional platters with sausages and cheese, hot bread with potatoes, knuckel with cooked bean, beef goulash, “mici” with potatoes, Bran pickles, apple pie and cheese pie, but also boiled ”tuica” and mulled wine.
Also the children are invited, to play in the snow, and maybe, who knows, even to make a snowmen, if not a casemate! :)
It's not a long way to February 3, so don’t stay away and book your seats :)

Special menu: 125 lei / person Tel: 0749.121.120

Make a reservation!

Call now: +4 0749 121 120

Saturday, November 17, 2018

About Us

Casa de ceai Restaurant is able to subtly and continuously transform from a Romanian neo-classic restaurant to a café, from a bustling and noisy space to a quiet and tranquil romantic niche or to a themed restaurant that is full of history but easily adaptable to the needs of the modern generation.

As examples, it can transition to a jazzy music lounge, to theatre and stand-up comedy shows, and from culinary classes to wine tasting. Holidays such a Halloween, Harvest Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day, Christmas and New Year are also celebrated as well as any other events on the secular and Christian calendars.