Keeping the princely refinement of the past, the Bran Castle Tea House, a very stylish building, invites its guests to enjoy an amazing new culinary experience.
Whether dining inside on the main floor or outside on the terrace, the new space has been designed to please all of your senses and the view is simply breathtaking!

Dana Graura's passion to rediscover gastronomic traditions takes form day by day in every tasty dish at Casa de ceai Restaurant. Our food consultant, a professional in traditional gastronomy and a Transylvanian cuisine specialist, has been passionately doing her job for over 20 years. You may taste a bit of her passion with each dish: "We rediscovered the resources of the area, the fruits and the vegetables here and we thought about making the most of them. I was inspired, during all these years of searching and collecting gastronomic traditions, by the ingredients, recipes and secrets of the Transylvanian cooking. We also started a natural products workshop and, in addition, I do my best to defend the Romanian food, at this moment in time when even the Romanians are being unfaithful to it, by becoming current and not occasional consumers of foreign cuisines."

Emeric Tamaş, the activity coordinator at Casa de ceai Restaurant, has considerable experience in the field. Since 2001, he has been mixing teacher's skills with customer care in the industry of hospitality.
"I like building teams in a restaurant. From the kitchen to the service, everything must be impeccable. When customers are welcomed with a smile, when they are offered quality products and services, when the atmosphere is warm and relaxing, then I think that things happen the way they should in a restaurant. It is the guarantee that the history of good taste at Bran Castle goes further. "

Chef Dragoş Rădulescu has been working in the kitchen for over 26 years. In Romania, in the UK, Austria, on cruise ships, he bettered himself into gourmet artistry.

Born and raised in Brasov, he loves traditional Romanian and Saxon dishes. He enjoys cooking beef in all possible ways, but also countless Romanian dishes: "I am the Slow Food advocate, I plead for preserving, rediscovering local traditions, for right, clean and good quality food, for returning to the pleasure of the simple things of life, things offered by the surrounding nature. "

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

About Us

Casa de ceai Restaurant is able to subtly and continuously transform from a Romanian neo-classic restaurant to a café, from a bustling and noisy space to a quiet and tranquil romantic niche or to a themed restaurant that is full of history but easily adaptable to the needs of the modern generation.

As examples, it can transition to a jazzy music lounge, to theatre and stand-up comedy shows, and from culinary classes to wine tasting. Holidays such a Halloween, Harvest Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day, Christmas and New Year are also celebrated as well as any other events on the secular and Christian calendars.